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Sony Dwi Kuncoro, The Conqueror of Super Dan



Even though Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei are absence on Djarum Indonesia Open Super Series Premiere (DIOSSP) 2012, doesn’t mean that the world men’s single athletes are able to be relieved. It’s because Sony Dwi Kuncoro will remain a considerable rival.

In the semifinal of Thailand Terbuka GPG Tournament, Saturday (9/6) Sony succeeded defeating Super Dan (Lin Dan’s nickname-red) who placed the 2nd world rank with two games straight 21 – 17 and 21- 16.

This is the second victory for Sony in 11 games. Sony defeated Lin Dan in their first game in Malaysian Open 2003 prior to this. In the badminton tournament that still adopted Point Rally system at that time, Sony won 15 – 11 and 15 – 7. The last game they both had was three years ago in World Championship 2009. At that time, Super Dan successfully collected several titles, including Olympic Gold Medal in Beijing 2008. In Thailand Terbuka GPG final match, Sony will play against another China’s player, Chen Yuekun.

In the near future, Sony will also take roles in DIOSSP 2012 which holds from June 12 – June 17. Despite the fact that He has to struggle in the qualification first, the sweet surprise which Sony has given n Thailand Terbuka GPG will surely increase the chance to be at the highest podium in the prestigious DIOSSP 2012.

GO, Sony! DIOSSP 2012 is waiting for you!