Fierce Matches In Women's Singles

Seeing the draw, Indonesia's athletes in women's singles will dominate the category as the chances are big for them to breach the final stages in Djarum Indonesia Super Series Premier (DIOSSP) 2013.

DIOSSP 2013, Kebangkitan Bulutangkis Indonesia?

Turnamen dunia Djarum Indonesia Open Super Series Premier (DIOSSP) 2013 tinggal menghitung jam. Banyak harapan yang terkumpul di turnamen ini mengingat Piala Sudirman bulan lalu tidak bisa dibawa pulang.

DIOSSP 2013 Is Getting Tough And Equal

While last year's Djarum Indonesia Open SuperSeries Premier (DIOSSP) 2012 the China's athletes were among the toughests, Liliyana Natsir sees it differently as this year's ournament is going to be more competitive and equal.