(Blibli Indonesia Open) Jonatan Knocked Down by Chou Tien Chen.

Jonatan Christie (Indonesia) receives warm greeting from his supporters.
Jonatan Christie (Indonesia) receives warm greeting from his supporters.
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Jakarta | Jonatan Christie’s hope of going the semifinal round of Blibli Indonesia Open 2019 BWF World Tour Super 1000 has to be Knocked Down by The Taiwanese player, Chou Tien Chen as Jonatan was beaten in a three-set match of 21-16, 18-21 and 14-21 that was held in Istora Senayan, Jakarta on Friday (19/7).

In fact, Jonatan has performed very well in the first set. However, his performance was declining in the second and third set. The 2018 Asian Games gold medalist claims that he is disappointed as he fails to secure a spot in the semifinal.

“It’s such a shame, I actually could have won the game but the result is the other way around. Although leading by 16-12, I could not make use of this advantaged position. Chou seemed to be more confident in the third set. During the 16-12 position, I should have been calmer, more patient and should have played defense-and-attack. But I have to admit that Chou is typically an attacking player,” said Jonatan Christie.

Furthermore, Jonatan states that he has applied an incorrect strategy to the match. He claims that this is one of the key elements that caused him to fail to get the victory today.

“There was no change of plays since the first set, but the opponent changed the way he plays the game in the second set that’s why he won it, and this boosts his self-confident to fight back in Istora in the third set,” he said.

Knocked out in the round of 8 of Blibli Indonesia Open 2019 BWF World Tour Super 1000, Jonatan claims that he will immediately evaluate his performance and hope to have it fixed before the next tournament starts. “Things that I have to improve is that I have to be calmer, be more patient and to be able to decide better on what kind of strategy I should apply whenever I’m left behind or whenever I’m leading the game,” he said.

“I would like to express my sincere apologies to all the supporters, to both who come to Istora and who watch the match from home, I am very sorry that I have not been able to give the best result, but I believe that I have done my best today,” he added with full of disappointment on his face.