(Blibli Indonesia Open) Live Music in the Last Day of the Tournament

Blibli Stage.
Blibli Stage.
Indonesia Open ‐ Created by Imansyah Noorwihadi

Jakarta| The supporter who come to Istora Senayan, Jakarta watch more than just the final match of the Blibli Indonesia Open 2019 BWF Tour Super 1000, the supporters are also pleased by the free live music in the venue. The Indonesian supporters and the supporters coming from other countries are pleased by the top music played by the band that performs on stage.

The Live Music is presented by Blibli and is located at the southern part of Istora Senayan. From the main gate, the supporters can walk to their right and soon, the supporters can already see the big stage with unique decoration.

The organizers of Blibli Indonesia Open 2019 BWF Tour Super 1000 managed to combine service and benefit center altogether. In Blibli stage, the supporters can listen to all kinds of music played by the performers for free. “The concept is unique, and during the night the laser lights really jazz up the place,” said Fildza (28), the supporters from Tangerang.

Similar comment was stated by Afrizal from Bekasi. According to him, while waiting for the Indonesian players to play, he and his three friends visited Blibli Stage to see the live music performance. “The organizers have really conjured up Istora Senayan with an amazing concept. Including this stage for the music lover,” said Afrizal.

For the final match on Sunday (21/7), the organizers have claimed that the live music will be started at the afternoon. The atmosphere is expected to get even livelier as Sunday is the last day of the event. As usual, the stage will be conjured up with several unique ornaments and laser lights.