(Blibli Indonesia Open) Tickets Sold Out in Just 1 Hour

Seating Plan information based on ticket category for Blibli Indonesia Open 2019 BWF World Tour Super 1000.
Seating Plan information based on ticket category for Blibli Indonesia Open 2019 BWF World Tour Super1000.
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Jakarta | In less than a month time, on the coming 16 th of July 2019, the grand Blibli Indonesia Open 2019 BWF World Tour Super 1000 will be held in Istora Senayan, Jakarta. Even though there are still 33 days left until the tournament starts, Indonesian spectators have already shown a great interest in this grand tournament. As a proof, during the first day of the online tickets sale, on Wednesday (12/6), the tickets were sold out in just about 1 hour.

“This is beyond our expectation, despite of the slightly higher ticket price; it seems that the appeal of Indonesia Open is still magical for the Badminton fans. That is why on the first day of the ticket sale in Blibli.com, the tickets were already sold out in just 1 hour. Likewise, the ticket sale condition through Tiket.com were far more extreme, as there were less ticket available on the site, that is why the tickets were sold out in just about 7 minutes,” as stated by Achmad Budiharto, the Chief Project Officer of Blibli.com Indonesia Open 2019 BWF World Tour Super 1000.

Tickets that are sold through Blibli.com and Tiket.com are divided into three categories, namely Blue, Red & Black. As reported, the Blue & Red category for the Final, Semi-final, Quarter-final and first round of tournament are already sold out.

The great interest during the first day of the online ticket sale leads to Budiharto’s decision to re-assess whether He will add the quota for online ticket sale or not. Furthermore, Budiharto also adds that for this year’s On The Spot ticket sale in Istora will only allow one person to buy one ticket.

“For online ticket sale, we will review the capacity based on the condition on the 17 th of July, we will see if the quota can be added or not. For those interested in watching the game live in Istora shall not worry, because we will also sell On The Spot tickets, although there may be a limited number of ticket sold on the day. Don’t worry if tickets are not available online, public can come early to the stadium during the match day to line up for On The Spot tickets. Please note that to buy the tickets people cannot be represented by other people, thus one person will only able to buy one ticket, we do this to avoid tickets being sold to intermediaries,” Budiharto said.

“Actually there are no significant changes to this year’s tournament; the main appeal of the event to the public is still the tournament’s spectacular attractions where world-class badminton players are expected to be participating in the tournament. Moreover, Indonesia Open is always held with a sportainment concept, hence this tournament is expected to always attract large number of people. Furthermore, we will also add more outdoor setting attraction for the families,” He claimed.

The tournament that rewards the winner to the total sum of USD 1.250.000 or equivalent to IDR 17, 8 Billion will be joined by world’s top players, namely Kevin Sanajaya Sukamuljo/Marcus fernaldi Gideon, Kento Momota (Japan), Tai Tzu Ying (Taiwan), Yuki Fukushima/Sayaka Hirota (Japan), Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong (China) and many more.

Indonesia, as a host, on this year’s occasion is hoping to claim three titles from Men’s doubles, Men’s singles and Mixed doubles events. However, Indonesia shall also expect surprises from Women’s doubles & Women’s singles events, where players on these events are hoped to show their maximum effort to get the best result.

Ticket price information for Blibli.com Indonesia Open 2019 BWF World Tour Super 1000:

  • Day 1: Rp 25.000 (Black), Rp 50.000 (Red) and Rp 100.000 (Blue)
  • Day 2: Rp 50.000 (Black), Rp 75.000 (Red) and Rp 125.000 (Blue)
  • Day 3: Rp 75.000 (Black), Rp 125.000 (Red) and Rp 250.000 (Blue)
  • Day 4: Rp 125.000 (Black), Rp 225.000 (Red) and Rp 400.000 (Blue)
  • Semi-final: Rp 200.000 (Black), Rp 400.000 (Red) and Rp 750.000 (Blue)
  • Final: Rp 250.000 (Black), Rp 450.000 (Red) and Rp 850.000 (Blue)
  • 6-day Pass: Rp 1.100.000 (Red) and Rp 2.100.000 (Blue)