(Blibli Indonesia Open) Wow, Gronya Somerville is Kevin Sanjaya’s Fan

The situation of the Meet & Greet session with Gronya Somerville dan Setyana Mapasa (Australia).
The situation of the Meet & Greet session with Gronya Somerville dan Setyana Mapasa (Australia).
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Jakarta | There is an interesting fact revealed during the Meet and Greet session with Gronya Somervile and Setyana Mapasa that was held at the Blibli booth in Istora Senayan, Jakarta on Friday (19/7) afternoon. This fact is revealed when the supporters asked who Gronya Somerville’s favorite player is, and she revealed that her favorite player is Kevin Sanjaya.

The answer has made the situation in Blibli Booth to be rowdy. Gronya Somervile claims that Kevin Sanjaya is great player and Indonesia has to be proud to have an athlete of Kevin’s level. “Kevin always performs well and he often becomes the champion in many tournaments,” said Gronya Somerville.

Other than Gronya Somerville, the supporters who crowd the Blibli Booth also ask questions to the favorite player Setyana Mapasa. She claims that she is idolizing the other Indonesian Badminton players, namely Lilyana Natsir and Greysia Polii. “Both of them are my favourite,” said Mapasa answering to the supporters’ question.

The Q&A and the light discussion session were held for 20 minutes. Both Gronya Somerville and Setya Mapasa share their own stories on how they got into Badminton. Gronya had the chance to answer the question first. “I started to like and play badminton since I was 6 years old,” said Setyana Mapasa. So, how old were Gronya Somerville when she started playing badminton? She answered that she got to know Badminton when she was 12 years old.

After the light discussion and answering the supporters’ questions, the Meet and Greet session was ended with a group picture session.