Liong Chiu Sia Does Not Set Targets

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Djarum Indonesia Open Super Series Premier 2013 is ready with its majesty.

The courts too have tested since Saturday (8/6). And on Sunday (9/6), the Red-White team tested the court in the afternoon. Being asked in the middle of a practice session, Liong Chiu Sia admitted that the preparation of the players was well done.

Not having set particular targets, Chiu Sia admitted wanting better
results from previous tournaments.  “I don’t set a specific target to
the players. I have only one wish, they can win in every match as this
tournament is super series premier level, all the best players are
taking parts. So I hope they can give their best performances,” he

Indonesia will perform with full power. Three Indonesian athletes have
confirmed to play in the main round, they are Adrianti Firdasari,
Aprilia Yuswandari and Lindaweni Fanetri. While other seven athletes
such as Bellaetrix Manuputty, Hera Desi Ana Rahmawati, Maziyyah
Nadhir, Yeni Asmarani, , Maria Febe Kusumastuti, Renna Suwarno and one
Djarum Badminton Club’s  player; Feby Angguni will have to struggle
from the qualification round. Seeing his players’ potential, Chiu Sia
is in a an optimism that one or two years later, there will be a
world-class athlete in women’s singles.

“At this time, the players are often unstable when playing; they can
be superb in one tournament yet they can be below par in the next
tournament. It takes perhaps two or three years so that they can be
world top players,” he said.

The qualification round is to start tomorrow (10/6), while for the
main round of this category will be held on Tuesday (11/6).