Losing Streak, Bona Lacking Confidence

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Without Mohammad Ahsan, it is not easy for Bona Septano to give the best performance in Djarum Indonesia Open Super Series Premier 2013.

Paired with Afiat Yuris Wirawan, Bona surrendered to Chen Hung Ling/Lu Chia Pin 13 - 21, 19 - 21.

Rushing for points had been seen from the beginning of the match.
Unfortunately, Bona/Afiat got carried away by their opponent's way of playing too often, as a result, they  can't develop their perfomance.

Bona admitted that to the press after the match at Senayan stadium Jakarta, Monday (10/6). According to Bona who is the former of Mohammad Ahsan partner, he had been trying to find his best shape for both of them on the court.

To make things worse, often loosing from previous matches when playing side by side with Ahsam sank his confidence. "Often loosing is also a factor tham makes me loosing my self confidence. Now, I have not found my self confidence back," Bona stated.

When asked if he is to be paired with Ahsan, Bona didn't specify in details. He only said he is now focusing on winning a title with his mew teammate.

"Ahsan too has got his teammate. We are focusing on our own teams. This year, We are setting our targets to win the titles if possible," Bona added.