Rendra/Rian Challenge Alvent/Kido in The Main Round

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The eccentric duo, Rendra Wijaya/Rian Sukmawan grabbed the Djarum Indonesia Open Super Seris Premier 2013’s main round ticket. Alvent Yulianto Chandra/Markis Kido are now on their target.

It is not easy to reach the main round for Rendra/Rian known as “The
King of National Circuit”. Previously, both players won over India’s
pair Kona Tarun/Arun Vishnu 21 – 19, 21 – 15.

In the second round of qualification, Rendra/Rian also won over Taiwan’s pair Chen Hung Ling/Lu Cia Pin. Having left behind in the second set, both pairs were forced to play rubber which ended the match with Rendra/Rian’s victory, 21 – 12, 17 – 21 and 21 – 15.

“We made mistakes in the second set due to wind. They are my juniors, Hung Lin has a good ball positioning,” Rendra said, Monday (10/6).

In the first round, Rendra/Rian will challenge Alvent Chandra/Markis Kido. They both have not set targets. The most important thing for them is to perform the best they can and give entertaining match for the fans at the stadium.

“This is not Sirnas (National Circuit). The opponents are far tougher.
Just relax and enjoy the game,” rian added.

When asked about their eccentric style of playing on the green court, Rendra

admits he will not act like the way he does in National Circuit. Even though they’ll be more serious, they both promised to deliver an entertaining and amusing performance.

“Serious. But, the shouting is still there, just to release the tense and get rid of the fatigue,” Rian said.