Wahyu/Ade to The Main Round

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The final of Djarum Indonesia Open Super Series Premier 2013 qualification round went excitingly.

One is worth to be mentioned is amatch between an Indonesia pair, Wahyu Nayaka Arya Pankaryanira/Ade

Yusuf and Marcus Ellis/Paul Van Rietvelde from England/Scotland. The 65 minute match was finally won by the home players supported by thousands of fans at Senayan stadium. They won the match with three games. "In the first game we were still unable to read their styles as we had no idea how to deal with them until we were finally able to turn things around by deliberately spotting their style," Wahyu explained. In the first game they were left behind quite far with 1 - 7 before they hit back at 17 and turned the game and won with 23 - 21. The second game went fiercely until the first half. They slightly lost with 10 -11 at the interval, but the situation worsened as they were left behind 12 - 17 before finally losing the game 17 -21. "We lost our focus and concentration in the second game after the interval ," Ade added. The third game was far more exciting. The players that have been paired for a year started to lead the game. They led 11 - 7 when changing sides. While they were on the winning track, they made the supporters into a frenzy when they lost three points in a row. Luckily, powerful smashes were made by the pair succeeded in closing the game victoriously, 21 - 18. "In this year's Indonesia Open, the coach did not put too much pressure by setting a target, but personally, we are determined to be qualified to the main round. Now, our target is accomplished and hopefully we can go beyond our target," Wahyu stated.